.NET Software Development

  • Turnford custom .NET software development services are designed to deliver tailored solutions when off-the-shelf software does not provide the level of flexibility and functionality that our clients require.

    First, we ensure that we have an in-depth understanding of your business needs and goals. Then we develop a custom solution for your particular business requirements, leveraging our pre-written modules where appropriate.

    1. Definition of concepts
    2. Definition of requirements
    3. System design and test plan
    4. Development
    5. Quality Assurance
    6. Implementation
    7. Training
    8. Support

    Our focus is solving problems as opposed to selling technology. We work closely with our clients to define requirements before designing a solution. We address business processes up front to deliver improvements, and by participating through envisioning and implementation we bring increased accountability to our clients’ projects.
    Throughout the course of a project our practical, professional team keeps the client fully informed of the status.

    Our .NET Software Development Solutions Include:

    • Residual Value and Buyback Portfolio Management
    • A Rail Crew Transportation Management System for Hallcon Crew Transport
    • An Audio/Visual Licensing solution for CONNECT Canada
  • .NET Software Development Solutions